WELCOME TO VFMI OFFICIAL WEBSITE Victorious Faith Ministries International is an apostolic ministry with a mission to proclaim the Good news of the kingdom of God. With a visionary mandate to teach the principles of purpose and faith. We belief trapped within each person is a hidden potential and our goal is to assist them in the fulfilment of that purpose.

At Victorious Faith Ministries International, God unmistakably demonstrates His supernatural power through the preaching of the gospel to the poor; to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and the recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free. As part of an unstoppable kingdom powerhouse, we can attest to how these truths are responsible for the transformation of our members and partners in our local congregation.

Your visit to this website should herald an adventure in the dynamic power of God’s word. Our Kingdom Center is multi-racial, and multi-cultural and provides a relaxing, friendly, yet spiritually-charged atmosphere, where your continuous breakthrough in life is assured. A visit to our center therefore promises greater encounters in God’s presence, with numerous inspiring services, programs, and activities. The ministry has its headquarters in Trondheim- Norway and has missions’ outreaches worldwide.

You will no doubt be impacted and imparted by the resources on this site. We look forward to your joining and worshipping with us. You are blessed!

Minister Peter Ngoh.

Jesus Christ Is LORD!