• To make them spiritually sound sons and daughters of the most high God and responsible citizens of the kingdom of God.
  • To raise an army of visionaries with a view to promoting their leadership potentials.
  • To give them a productive orientation and a contributor’s mentality
  • To educate them on the principles of good success in the Bible and impart into them with kingdom values.
  • To enhance the era of reformation for the youth body.
  • To give them a purpose for living and train them on how to actualize it.
  • To re-engineer and enhance the value system of our youths generally and the world at large.
  • To acquaint them with other youth movements around the world.


The Women’s ministry meets every 2nd Saturday of the Month @ 6:00 pm “A Sister for All Seasons” is a place where women can come together and encourage one another in the Lord. We meet once a month for a blessed time of prayer, worship and spending time in the presence of the Lord through His Word. God’s plan for the woman is unique and special. She is called to be fruitful and to multiply, not just in childbirth but in every area of life!  She possesses discernment unique to the woman.First a child then a young girl, through her education and career, whether single or married, a sister, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, life’s changes bring challenges, and these women’s roles are charged with responsibilities.

The Bible is filled with instruction for women and each woman is fitted into a Godly purpose. You are not a woman in a “man’s world”. You are not defined by your culture or generation. You are a unique creation, called and gifted; inspired with purpose by the hand of your Creator. “Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.” (1 Peter 3:4 NKJV)

MEN’S MINISTRY   Men’s Ministry – “Straight Talk To Men”

Straight Talk to Men teaches and encourages men concerning their purpose, their priority, their position, and their assignment. Man was created in the image of God and according to His purpose. The male is the foundation of the human family. Men were never called to be addicted to sports, or perpetually seeking recreation and leisure. Men are called to have dominion. Men are called to lead their family, and men are called to lead them in God’s word.
The great need of the 21st Century is great leaders. Come and experience how intimacy with God is connected to leadership. Leaders are not just born, leaders must be developed. Straight Talk to Men focuses on developing leadership qualities within the men of our community, thereby strengthening both the family and community structures within our ministry.

Awaken the calling within yourself and others. We are called to bear one another’s burdens and to hold each other accountable. The Men’s ministry will bless you, as we walk the journey together. Come take part in powerful worship, prayer and study in the Word of God and begin to develop yourself as a leader in your family and community.

“Now when he had finished speaking…the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. Saul took him that day, and would not let him go home to his father’s house anymore. Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan took off the robe that was on him and gave it to David, with his armour, even to his sword and his bow and his belt.”  (1 Samuel 18: 1-4)


“Touching the Heart of God through praise and worship”

  1. A praise minister is one who is called by God to minister to the people and lead the people or congregation into their personal time of worship of God. We have a team of committed, singers and worshippers that give their time, talent and heart to this ministry. We minister in a spirit of unity in order to bring about this blessing.
  2. There are two main components to praise and worship ministry: A leader and a team.
  3. Leader – a person who is mature and stable in their relationship with God and knowledgeable in the Word of God. Team – a group that is stable in their relationship with God and has a passion to worship God through praise.“But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased.” (1 Corinthians 12:18 NKJV)


Touching the needs of others within the community is the priority of VFMI. We are building a team of dedicated people who stand with those in time of need. This ministry is divided into several departments to cater for the needs of others.

  1. Birthing ministry – Assisting families with new babies, including midwifery, counselling and prayer.
  2. Stork Meals— easing the pressure during the delivery and addition of new family members.
  3. Community needs— addressing many of life’s unexpected changes including support during times of loss.
  4. Care & Concern Ministry –Offering support for all the other times in life that unexpected circumstances arise where counsel and prayer may be needed. This includes care for the elderly, orphans and widows.

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” 1 Corinthians 12:4-7


The Prison ministry reaches into the prisons to teach the gospel of kingdom to every inmate. We utilize the talents and gifts of our ministry volunteers to support the overall mission. Our motive is taken from “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” Hebrews 13:3. We serve the living word of God to incarcerated individuals and their families, empowering them to become the people that God has destined them to be. Our purpose is to teach an understanding of the good news of God’s kingdom while keeping our eyes focused on Jesus Christ the Messiah.


These are the seeds planted today that will soon blossom into fruit, as our children grow and become leaders and teachers of the word of God themselves. Through this initial training program parents and teachers are instilling lessons that will become threads embedded on the fabric of the young lives of our children. These lessons demonstrate the initial moral codes and ethics that our children will build upon to make moral decisions for their future.
Each room will be staffed with a teacher, and an assistant. Children’s Ministry begins to water the seeds planted in the nursery. The foundation of worship, study and prayer are cultivated through Sunday school. Dynamic object lessons, Spirit-led worship, and instruction on using the word of God in their lives is our focus. Children ministry ranges in ages from 4-10.


Betrothal, Wedding, and Celebration – the three phases of the kingdom marriage. We celebrates every step of the marriage process and strongly supports the Biblical concept of a one-flesh covenant in the bond of marriage.
A marriage takes work and a great marriage takes great work! The marriage Ministry seeks to support and encourage every couple and each marriage through its many seasons and experiences that this lifelong relationship brings. With time-tested techniques and seasoned, caring ministers, this ministry is available to reach the hearts and homes of our community with Biblical principles for real-life application.



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